Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not suitable for kindergarten...

I just have to share this story, (I know most of you have heard it, but it's too funny not to post).  If any of you are familiar with this book, you'll know what I'm talking about.  Each page goes through an animal "brown bear brown bear what do you see" etc. etc.  At the end of the book, there is a page that says "teacher, teacher, what do you see".  My students were assigned to draw a picture of me, their teacher.  One little boy in my class said "teacher teacher, look! I drew a picture of you! I drew your nipples!" (he drew a picture of me with green nipples.  Yes I was in shock but had to quickly turn my head so he wouldn't see the tears rolling down my face from laughter.  You probably wondered what I did next...I just ignored it and pretended like it didn't happen because honestly, I had no idea what to even say to that! I hope you get a good laugh like I did!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a funny thought for the day...

As many of you know, I teach all-day kindergarten.  Every day I have great stories to tell.  Today, I was really getting sick of dealing with tattling. I decided to ask my class if they knew who the president was.  The responses I got were "God", "President Monson", etc. Findally someone said Barack Obama.  I got on the internet, turned on my projector screen so they could all see and pulled up a picture of Barack Obama.  I posted the picture and said: from now on, unless your bleeding or barfing, I don't want to hear it! I printed the picture and put it on one of our walls.  Now, whenever they tattle, I tell them to "go tell the president". I was really interested to see their response when I actually told them that.  One little girl walked up to me and proceeded to tattle. My hand stopped her and I told her to "go tell the president".  She stormed over to the picture and stopped, a little embarrassed she turned her head and looked at me. I think she got the hint. She was pretty embarrassed so maybe she will stop tattling-along with the rest of my class!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! So I decided to take the plunge and start my own blog! Not really sure what I'm doing yet, but hopefully I will be able to figure it out!