Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween, and then some more Halloween

My family has a fun Halloween party every year.  My mom knows how to do it up right with her famous chili, gourmet carmel apples, and entertaining games for the kids.  My whole entire family was there too.  It's hard to get the Knoles clan together  because life just gets in the way!  Here are a few photos from our night.  I was the photographer and wasn't in any of the pics.  Oops.  I didn't realize that until I looked at the pics. I really was there though :) The beautiful weather made it a 5 star night!  We got to play all the games outside.  It was a blast!

Oh hey there Mr. Skeleton man

My mom and dad were Ketchup and Mustard. So funny. We didn't get a pic of my dad. Oops!

Playing musical tombstones

My little Dorothy

Someone always has to throw a temper tantrum :)

the other Dorothy. They were so cute, they both had little baskets with Toto in them. I didn't get a pic of that though! 

Papa Stan playin' D.J. for musical chairs on his iPad.  He's so tech savvy.

Uncle Jake being a bully and trying to win the game. 

Little Lexi kept telling me to "take another one".  And so I did. She is the cutest.  

I can't get enough of baby Hattie!  I die over her! 

Whole fam in on the fun.  

Kailey and Hattie

loved her elephant costume! 

some how I missed the main part of this game.  I was more focused on the scenery. They were throwing darts and a giant balloon made of pumpkins.  

And a yummy carmel apple to top the night off!!

Thanks for an amazing party mom and dad!  Always a success!  

We had our first Halloween party at our house last night.  Jake has some of the greatest friends and I'm glad to call them mine now too.  Jake rented a coffin from a costume shop so we decided to serve the food in it.  So funny.  Great food with great company.  

Erin and baby Izzy! 

We have the ugliest chandelier on the planet in our kitchen.  I'm still undecided as to what I want to get instead because it's in an awkward place in the kitchen.  So for now, it's staying and it's the most hideous thing ever.  It was perfect for Halloween decor. 

Erin, Sterling and baby Izzy

This is Jake's doing, melted candy bars in the undies.  Gross.  

Can't have a Halloween without a cauldron and dry ice! 

creepy decor

Me and Sharla.  The penguin and the pirate. 

The food in the coffin.  Baked potato soup, chili, and yummy salads! 

Mitch and Blake

Angela and Jesse

Chris and Britnie.   

The cutest pumpkin bread bowls for the soup!  Thanks Britnie! They were perfect! 

Hay-MITCH, Sister Jen and Brother James

Who is this guy? 

Jake Jamie and baby Abby! 

Katie and Mitch.  Katniss and Haymitch

Hey there gramps!

Cam and Haley

Blake and Michelle! Go Olympus Jr. High! haha

Ben and Molly

Best costume! Britnie, you're a pro and the grandma face make-up!