Sunday, February 13, 2011


Last Monday I went to work and about a half hour into the day, a little girl in my class said, "Mrs. Larsen, what's in your hair?" I replied "Feathers.  I turned into a bird over the weekend." She had a very confused look on her face.  (Then I told her what they really were.  It was pretty funny.)  My cousin had a boutique at her house last Saturday, and a lady there was doing feather hair extensions.  I thought, you know, just because I teach first grade doesn't mean I have to be completely conservative ALL the time (when you have little girls watching your every move and every outfit, you have to be careful) so I said what the heck! And I got two little feather extensions in my hair.  The hairstylist that did it said she just got back from a hair show in Long Beach and said it's the "new hot thing".  So now I am a little bit bohemian, a little bit trendy, and I feel kind of good about that-because I never feel trendy.  I think everyone needs a little spunk in their life.  I only paid $3-really cheap.  I know professional salons are doing it for between $9-$45 depending on how many feathers.  I've washed them, dried them, curled them, and flat ironed them, and they do whatever I want them to do.

I have two- a turquoise one and a white one.  Jake asked me what Indian Tribe I was from. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

~I'm Back~

Just a few updates...

I've been a little under the weather the past few weeks and blogging hasn't been a priority for me.    I finally caught the common cold that more than half my class has had and I have been under the weather for a few days.  There are three things that have been keeping me good company though:

The first is this little corn bag my mom made me.  You heat it in the microwave for three minutes and just like that, you have a little heater!  I put it in my bed to get it warm at night or hold it when I'm cold- which is 24/7.  Thanks mom, this little "princess" bag has saved my wagon.  In fact, it's sitting on my lap right now!

Next is this stuff I got at Whole Foods called Olbas Oil.  A little something to clear up those stuffy airways. It has a whole bunch of oils combined like eucalyptus, peppermint, juniper berry, wintergreen, and a few others.  I put a few drops in some hot water, dipped a wash cloth in the water and made myself a little compress for my head.  It felt great and I was able to breathe again for a minute.  Ahhh, I love Aromatherapy.

And third is my wonderful husband who loves to take good care of me.  He deserves a few medals for being there at my beck and call! I'm one lucky duck.

Also, we have a new little bundle of joy in our family.  My sister finally got her GIRL! She was born January 21st and she is as cute as a button.  Her name is Claire Eliza (Eliza was our great grandmother's name).  All I want to do is hold her, but this cold is not permitting with RSV being so scary for the little ones!

I don't really think it gets much better than this.   Snug as a bug.  Natalie, you finally get to dress your child in PINK
By the way, I am itching for spring like crazy, and I know I'm not the only one.  I am so done with winter, dark and dreary days and this horrid inversion.  We are going to Phoenix over President's Day for some warmer weather, shopping, and golf.  Can't wait for that!

We went and saw The King's Speech on Friday night.  I really liked the movie, but it was a bit on the slower side.  Geoffrey Rush is really good in this movie though.  (He plays Captain Barbossa in the Pirates movies.)  I also LOVED Queen Elizabeth's 1930s wardrobe.  Her fur coats, gloves, dresses, and shoes.  So fancy.  

Well, that's all for now.  Until next time...